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After many years of helping family, friends, and clients, I firmly believe that with hard work and strong will, anyone can overcome their struggles and create a change in their lives.

All that one need is compelling enough reason; a necessary component to enable one to move forward, create a change and better their life. I take great pleasure in helping others become better acquainted with themselves.

I believe that the most important relationship we could ever have, is the one we have with ourselves.

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“Live in peace, not in pieces.”

I am Estee Levinson, an Israeli-born, American woman living the fullest life I choose by pursuing my passion to teach and heal others. I am an intuitive healer, a helper, a facilitator. With my life coaching skills as my guide and Reiki as my talisman I am here to help you restore balance and harmony back into your life. Whether you need to slow things down or shake them up we will work together to bring equilibrium to you.

Do you understand that with dedication and hard work anyone can overcome their challenges to create life-altering positive change in their lives? That you can? All that we each need is a compelling enough reason; a necessary component to enable us to move forward, create good change and a better more productive life.
My goal is to bring you back to the present; “back to presence.” To awaken your spirit and offer you different perspectives, ultimately making you aware of the array of choices in your life. What I want most is for you to realize your true power, so you can discover and be the best that you can be. To teach you to know every day that you deserve it.

Helping people realize the power they have within themselves is what inspires me; it is my calling. I am here to share my gifts with you, leading you to finding your own. (read more)

I am here for you. Let me support as you become the person— independently or in your partner relationship — that you dream of being. You are ready. It’s time. Let me lead you on the journey.

You have found my site for a reason. Now, let’s figure out why.
Practicing acceptance, gratefulness and love,

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