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About Estee

The Inner Me, Here for You

I am Estee Levinson, an Israeli-born, American woman living the fullest life I choose by pursuing my passion to teach and heal others. I am an intuitive healer, a helper, a facilitator. With my life coaching skills as my guide and Reiki as my talisman I am here to help you restore balance and harmony back into your life. Whether you need to slow things down or shake them up we will work together to bring equilibrium to you.

Two decades ago I began my own journey of personal development and self-discovery which has illuminated my life path. Immersed in ongoing training and growth practices, seminars and workshops I have gained a deep sense self which has led me to the coaching and counseling work I do with others. Through these experiences, I have gained a greater perception of myself and of humanity. My insight to the various degrees of human emotions and behaviors deepened profoundly and after some deep and powerful soul searching I understood; I was destined to pursue a career as a life coach.

Helping people realize the power they have within themselves is what inspires me; it is my calling. I am here to share my gifts with you, leading you to finding your own.

My goal is to bring you back to the present; “back to presence.” To awaken your spirit and offer you different perspectives, ultimately making you aware of the array of choices in your life. What I want most is for you to realize your true power, so you can discover and be the best that you can be. To teach you to know every day that you deserve it.

I wonder…

Do you understand that with dedication and hard work anyone can overcome their challenges to create life-altering positive change in their lives? That you can? I am here to show you this. All that we each need is a compelling enough reason; a necessary component to enable us to move forward, create good change and a better more productive life.

My Ongoing Education

Learning never ends for me. Here are some of my recognitions and certifications:

Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training
Robbins-Madanes Training in Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention
OHR-HACHAYIM System of Natural Healing First, Second & Third Level certificates
Reiki Master
Neuro-Semantics Training APP Accessing Personal Power
Neuro-Semantics Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Neuro-Semantics Certificate Coaching Essentials

Estee Levinson

How I Can Help You

Let’s take a journey together. A journey to find they very best you. We will use tools  and methods so you can come to know yourself honestly and intimately, learn to take actions in the present and acknowledge what is not working in your current reality so you can let it go and move in the direction of your dreams. I want to teach you to let go of past hurt and resentment, so you can confidently step into a brighter, more fulfilling future.

How do we get stuck? Imbalance occurs due to many situations we experience; An emotional or physical trauma, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger and negative self-talk. When unsettling feelings are not expressed and resolved in a healthy way, we feel uneasy, in disharmony.

I offer you my recommendations as well tips and strategies that will assist you in overcoming your own challenges.

Are you ready to take action and change your life for the better?

  • We will work together so you can let go of what is holding you back from being who you truly are.
  • You will take steps to gain clarity and awareness and reshape your thought pattern.
  • I will empower you to discover the real you, by guiding you from where you are now, to where you want to be.
  • Create a vision and live your dreams – identify your passions an erase old emotional tapes so you will be able to develop new paths and newly grown self-beliefs.
  • You can begin to uncover more of your talents and harness them to better your life.
  • You will learn tools to improve and build long lasting, supportive and loving relationships.


What Could You Be with Life Coaching?

Do you seek direction and motivation? Providing guidance will help you make better decisions resulting in more self-confidence. You will be more equipped to attain your goals, whether it’s your personal life or career. I understand that change can be scary because it is unknown. I am here to empower you to create your best life.

Would you like to?

  • Remove obstacles and negativity and replace it with positive affirmations?
  • Understand the steps so you can take action? It’s not about “fixing” your life, it’s about deciding to make better choices.
  • Be inspired to hold yourself accountable so you will demand more for yourself; from yourself?
  • Create rituals that are uplifting such as better eating habits, exercising and disciplining your time?
  • Raise your own standards fo yourself so you can manifest your dreams?
  • Have concrete information and actionable so you can continue growing and reaching new goals?