The Day I Discovered My Destiny

The Day I Discovered My Destiny

“The day I discovered my destiny.”

Have you ever asked yourself: What is my destiny? What am I here for? What is my purpose in this world?

Who has got the time, energy or the “luxury” to invest in such existential thoughts … We barely have enough time to manage our daily routine! 

Sounds familiar?

What’s the problem with that?
If we do not invest the time to ponder upon the purpose of our existence, we will most likely be living a mediocre life. We will remain frustrated until the end of our days, due to our inability to manifest divine desires  – the true yearning of our soul. 

That’s what happened to me, until something big changed …

On one of Chicago’s hot and humid summer days, in 2011, I arrived from my home in South Florida in order to attend Tony Robbins’ event: “Unleash The Power Within.”

I have never imagined that this would be the turning point in which I would reveal deep insights about myself – the ending of a period and a new beginning that made a monumental transformation in my life.
Back to the story. On the second day of the event, Tony walked on stage with his electrifying energy and admirable charisma, taking the 5,000 people in the audience, including me, through a deep meditative process.

In order to keep the audience aware and attentive, the hall was dark and uncomfortably cold.

Tony’s powerful voice echoed throughout the hall, along with soft music playing in the background. 

I stood there in the darkness, listening and internalizing the intensity of the words that took us back in time to the painful events we had experienced in the past: Incidents that left us scarred so that we could meet them again and release 
from our lives.

As I recalled my personal pain and suffering, I heard people around me wailing and crying in memory of their pain.

At that moment, the unbearable realization struck me: “This world is filled with so much pain …”

It was as if I had been surrounded by wounded animals – I felt this strong energy to the depths of my soul.

I believe that the reason this process did not affect me at the level of influence it had on the people around me, is probably due to the fact that I underwent an internal and significant process a few months prior. 

A tremor ran through my body uncontrollably when the realization struck me – I realized what my destiny was.

The recognition came to me loud and clear: 
I want to help people make a difference in their lives – help overcome their pain, find happiness and enjoyment, because that’s exactly how we were meant to live. 

Tony Robbins says, “Pain is a part of life, suffering is a choice.”

I knew deep down that for this fateful moment I had been wishing and waiting for. 

I have set myself a goal: To share my personal experiences in life, to help with tools and techniques and to do my best to minimize the pain of others – to help them grow out of their pain in order to live a life full of happiness and satisfaction by reconnecting to the reason they have come to the world.

The conclusion I reached in the wake of the event is that, no matter what we have experienced in the past, how much pain, sorrow, suffering and disappointments we have gone through in life, we still have the choice of not allowing anything in the past or present to stop us from creating a happy and successful life.

I went home, and immediately began to write the book “Here I am.” From there I found my way to give, influence and make a difference through workshops and courses I participated in;
Robbins Madanes Training
NLP Practitioner

We must never give up! We must follow our hearts, for it is the pathway to finding purpose leading to satisfaction and success in life!

Much love 
Estee ????

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Estee Levinson, Relationship Communication Strategist – Creating harmonious communication, one relationship at a time. 
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Comments (2)

  1. Christoph Heine :

    A wonderful story, Estee, and you are right: We are not alone.

    Some food for thought on the “destiny” matter that came to my mind: My grand-mother. She was a remarkable person. Born in 1906 she spent some of her childhood in WW1, and as a young mother with five kids she had to get through WW2 alone, her husband being out in the fields. (He wasn’t a Nazi but had no realistic chance to refuse service though as all the other men.) The uncertainty if he would survive (he did). The difficult post-war years. Her professional life never reached beyond her being a mother and running a small farm in Northern Germany. No studies, no fulfilling profession, no “mission” whatsoever. Her radius was not more than 15km around her home village. As a protestant, she was not excessively religious. And now the best: At the ago of 96 she was in absolutely good health, no cancer, no Alzheimer, no diabetes, absolutely nothing. She has never seen a hospital from inside. Not in 96 years. Up until her last day she spread happiness and self-confidence every single day. By heart. One day in spring 2002, she just went asleep and did not wake up anymore.
    I was always trying to learn from this, and I believe that the lesson is that we do not need a destiny.
    Our destiny is to be. My grand-mother knew it somehow.

    Wishing you health and happiness until you’re 96! It is possible, there is a proof.

    • eti :

      Hi Cristopher,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment 🙂
      Your grandmother’s story is AMAZING! You should share it with others.

      May we all live in good health and happiness to age to 96 and beyond, amen!

      Thanks again for the great share.

      All the best to you,