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Do you ever ask yourself: what am I doing here? Why am I still at this job If I do not enjoy it? why am I in this relationship?

You find yourself feeling down and uneasy with a heavy heart, simply not knowing how to get yourself out of the current condition.

Perhaps, this feeling of stagnation is coming from a situation which has not yet been resolved; inhibiting you from moving forward.

Truth is, there is no escape! you can not run away from yourself, right?

You must realize that there is always room for change, as there is a reason, and an opportunity for you to grow.

God and the universe, brings you certain people and situations in order to give you a chance to overcome darkness in your life.

There will be times you may feel alone, but in reality, you are never alone!

To rise above the situation, over the darkness you’re experiencing, you must find a foothold, something that will help lift you up, and proclaim hope once again.

You must create a serge of positive energy within, and use the power of your imagination to do this inner work; It will enable you to see beyond the temporary disability, beyond the current situation.

Where do you get the strength to fight and make a change?

From the Creator? through prayer and request?

You need to ask for help from up above, otherwise nothing will change.

Once you make the necessary corrections and recognize the opportunities available and the best of that situation, all the pain and suffering will be gone in a moment; Suddenly you’ll find yourself elsewhere.

You will look back at this chapter that is over and done with, and you will not feel anger, helplessness or despair, because you’ve matured, because you’ve learned your lesson, because you’ve restored hope to yourself and now you can move on to the next chapter in your life.
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  1. 31 years in the Oilfield finally was laid off due to cutbacks. It was no fault of mine just the means of no demand. It’s not going to stop me from pursuing a new passion. Who knows somebody may need my expertise.