Your attitude determines your altitude


Your attitude determines your altitude

My mission in life is reflected upon the fact, that I first take full charge of my life.
What does this mean?
I am the master of my fate and no one else. I always have to work in full cooperation with the Light / Creator.
I know there is unlimited abundance of Light in the world. I invite It to come with me in every action and every word that comes out of my mouth.
I operate from a place of love, mission and communion with the Light – I have help, although I do not see it with my physical eyes, but I know It’s there for me, unconditionally, at all times.
Whom does it depend upon how much Light will be revealed in my life?
It all depends upon my actions – how do I conduct myself in my daily behavior – that’s what determines how much Light will dwell within me.
My behavior at home, at work and everywhere else, determines what will my life look like.
All the pieces to life’s puzzle already exist in our world. All we have to do is add our personal piece (how we show up in the world) to complete the puzzle.
When we act from a place of love, when we remove anger and hatred away from us, we make room for the Light.
As long as there is full congruency between our words and our actions, there is nothing we can not accomplish!
We should train ourselves to take with the Divine Presence to every place and interaction we come across – only then we can fulfill ourselves to our fullest capacity ~


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