Joy is not found in the world around you, it’s within you..


Joy is not found in the world around you, it’s within you..

Do you believe something external can make you happy?
What do you think happiness is?
Is it somewhere you get to, as a reward for being good?
If you start from the very beginning, this world we live in was created so we could all live in it, a happy and fulfilled life.
Happiness as well as all other feelings, behaviors and actions are solely in our control.
What happens to us is not always up to us, but the way we choose to react is only up to us.
It may be a bit uncomfortable for us to admit, but deep inside we know it’s the
So, what happens?
Why do we sometimes behave in ways, that in retrospect we are not very proud of?
We get hypnotized..
we lose control of our senses.
We allow the wild part in us, (animal) to take over – captivated by our own selfish needs and desires.
When do we feel happy?
Is it not when we feel that in someway way, somehow we made a difference in someone’s life? That because of our contribution somebody’s life changed for the better?
Can you compare that to a Gucci bag or a house in Malibu?
Which will you choose?
So what is happiness?
Happiness is a feeling we create, every moment of every day – what we want to feel and how we want to present ourselves to the world ~


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