What’s important is that you feel good inside ..


What’s important is that you feel good inside ..

Invariably, relationships come together in order to move you forward or heal you from something that occurred in the past.

You want to be in relationships that open you up, that let you feel free to be yourself and say anything that you want to say without holding back.

You are not always aware of the reasons why you are attracted to certain people.

However, you can always tell what makes you feel good inside.

You can use the “feeling barometer” – you may not know how to intellectualize things but your body can always tell.

Check inside yourself and feel what you’re feeling.

You can tell when you’re tense and when you are relaxed around some people – you can feel when your heart is open or when you need to protect.

You must realize that sometimes people come into our lives for a period of time: for a specific reason, perhaps to teach us a lesson or to help us work through an issue.

We get what we needed out of the relationship and then they go on their way.

We all have our path and journey in life, we all have our unique gifts to bring to the world.

However, we can’t do it with everyone for the rest of our lives, sometimes we just need to let go.

When you are authentic and true to yourself you know what’s perfect for you.


/ Estee Levinson

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