Remember Who You Are and What You Came Here For


Remember Who You Are and What You Came Here For

Remember Who You Are and What You Came Here For

These words are intended for you, the person reading this. You deserve a real pick me up from time to time, a pep talk to be reminded of who you truly are.

Fact: You, me, and everything we perceive in our physical reality are all part of a Divine Plan, far bigger than we can ever comprehend.

You were granted with a rare gift. The gift of life; an unknown period of time in which you are to love, experience happiness, and enjoy everything in sight.

Recognize and appreciate the beautiful, extraordinary, uniqueness of your qualities.

Become aware of the many possibilities presented before you.

Dare to endeavor, to rise above your limitations.

Open your eyes and find out more.

See the hidden beauty in everything; the greatness of the present moment, the wonderment of the now.

No matter what you are presently going through, know that you have the ability to see beyond this obstacle.

Look forward for the future without inhibitions, concerns, or fears.

Love yourself and others unconditionally.

Anticipate the following moment in amazement and the curiosity of a child.

Become intimate with the great power that lies within you, it will provide you with confidence and further your ability to create anything you desire in life.

Believe that there are wonderful years of joy awaiting you.

In this precious time you can create and experience many blessings.

Breathe freely.

Smile for no reason, enjoy and love every minute.


Much love



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