If you find yourself not knowing what to do next in life, you must accept that in order for a positive change to happen, it must begin within – YOU need to change!

Change comes from the inside out not the other way around, it’s an internal process.

Instead of looking for someone or something else to blame for how you feel or where you are in life, concentrate on becoming the person you always aspired to be.

A good place to start is by modeling someone you admire, developing traits, qualities and habits that will build you, in addition to increasing confidence and faith in yourself.

Try the following to gain clarity;

1) Take out a sheet of paper and split it into two; on the first column describe your present reality. On the second column describe where you’d like to be;
List at least 3 goals you’ve been wanting to accomplish.
For example, I want to create a loving and supportive relationship with my spouse. I want to lose 30 lbs, etc.

2) Ask yourself, why do you want this change and how will you benefit as a result? What is stopping you from being where you want to be now? What will happen if things remain the same?

3) Dare to venture out of your comfort zone – let your mind soar on the wings of your imagination – create a compelling vision of yourself and your life.

4) Break bad habits and create new empowering ones; Habits, much like a muscle, become stronger with use – the more you practice, the more they become ingrained within.

Some things to consider;

* Do things in a different way, become curious and ask yourself questions; It’s the only way to gain a better perspective.

* Consistency and determination are the key for sustainable change.

* Success is determined by the fruits of your labor which are the benefit and results you achieve.

Be a leader. Set an example for yourself and others.

With love

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