We all want to realize our needs and desires, that is the reason why the world exists!

“The Thought of Creation is to benefit its creatures.”

The problem begins with the origin of thought and measure of our desires; The source of pain and suffering is the result of a faulty opinion of ourselves stemming from having an inaccurate outlook on life.

We feel unworthy, not good enough to be deserving of love, which renders us powerless to achieve our aspiration.

Instead of facing life’s challenges and difficulties we find it easier to be passive rather than take action which will move us forward.

As long as we continue to blame others or any hardship we experienced, past or present, such as; Childhood traumas, unsupportive partner, disability, etc, we’ll remain stuck in place.

Each of us was born into a certain reality of life. There are those who were lucky enough to have a great start and those who experienced difficulties.

However, success does not depend on the starting point or the current conditions of life; That is not what determines how far we go, but rather on what we do with the present.

Reality is dictated by how we look at it, according to how we feel internally.

We have the power to change and improve ourselves.

In order to succeed in life, we must know what we want and why; Understand the purpose of our existence – see the image backwards in order to believe firmly in our ability to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

For maximum results we must expand the way we perceive reality.

To do this, we need to create a clear vision describing the ideal result to which we aspire and set a specific time frame to accomplish it.

If we do not know where we’re going, chances are we’ll never get there.

Remember, success does not happen overnight we must be ready to invest our utmost effort in order to carry out our desires.

Everything depends on our will and the mind. Instead of continuing to live in frustration, waisting energy in vain because we fail to realize ourselves, we must correct our way of thinking and set of concepts by which we operate.

In order to live in peace and joy, we must accept that everything happens for a reason and take full responsibility for our lives knowing that success becomes solidified by how we view ourselves.

What would your life look like if you were living every day in faith that the world was created for you, so you can experience and enjoy all that exists around you?

How would you feel if you were to you believe that there’s no shortage, that everything is in abundance and all you have to do is fulfill your wish, knowing that you deserve it?

It is a consciousness that allows you to live your life based on internal strength, not dependent on any person or situation.

With love

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