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Part 2 So, if you want to relieve bad feelings, restore passion and fervor in your intimate relationship; You must do your best to love and support your partner, even when you feel he's not deserving of it. - You must work on repairing/renewing trust and mutual respect. - You must create an environment ... Read More
July 31, 2017eti


Part 1 Are you fed up with your relationship?? If you're adamantly saying 'yes', chances are you don't want to hear anything else about how to save your marriage. Keep reading anyway! You feel you deserve better, don't you?? You're absolutely right! You were not meant to experience a life full of pain and suffering. Happiness is ... Read More
July 30, 2017eti


Transforming Relationships From A Crisis Situation, Into A Loving and Long Lasting Success. Part 2 Continuing; 7 Winning Tips to improve your relationship Tip # 1; A) initiate a conversation with your husband so that you can express your feelings and what ails you. Not to complain; "You don't ... you're not.. but rather ... Read More
March 2, 2017eti


Transforming Relationships From A Crisis Situation, Into A Loving and Long Lasting Success. Part 1 Do you find that your relationship status is not particularly bright? Do you feel that you have reached a dead end in marriage because the partnership has ceased? Do you feel lonely and unhappy... Do these feelings ... Read More
February 28, 2017eti


One of the most destructive behavioral patterns in relationships, is excessive criticism. The concept of criticism is prevalent in our reality. We can find ourselves disapproving, in one way or another, of a movie we saw, meal we had in a restaurant, article we read, etc. However, when this type of behavior ... Read More
February 19, 2017eti


TURNING ANGER INTO AN ASSET Anger is an emotional and physical response that occurs when triggered by external stimuli, manifested by sensations of pain, discomfort, threat, etc. When we perceive in our minds wrongful behavior by others and consequently feel anger, the source reason for the irritability may be subconscious, rather than ... Read More
January 12, 2017Estee Levinson


HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR Just before 2016 clears the stage for the blessed New Year, I want to thank you all for making 2016 so meaningful and memorable for me. Wishing everyone a year of happiness and health, a year of prosperity and success, a new year of security and relaxation, ... Read More
January 1, 2017Estee Levinson