In order to uncover solutions to your problems, you have to think beyond what you already know.
You have the natural ability to come up with original ideas and alternatives to overcome your challenges. All you need to do is build up your desire to think creatively with the use of your imagination.

Enable the part in you that can naturally generate new concepts; Consider other aspects and points of view that you may have neglected to recognize.

The answer lies in your desire, openness and willingness to look at your life and identify the areas you know you can change for the better.

Access a deeper level of perception by becoming more mindful.

Be curious, cultivate mental flexibility, let your mind stretch a little.

Question your thoughts before you accept them as truth; “It’s interesting I have this thought, I wonder why I feel this way …”

Trust your inner wisdom; Observe where your mind is leading you to. Are your thoughts of pure or impure nature?

Are you thinking in a way that builds you up or leads to destruction?

Only you can answer these questions, but not before you are fully ready to hear the answers.

Perhaps that’s why we were given two ears and one mouth. To listen more.

Once you realize your thought pattern, you can safely navigate through unpredictable thoughts and choose what you want to think.

Recognize your triggers (any negative feeling arising within). If a situation or person bothers you in any way, realize this is your opportunity to work on yourself.

Have patience when provoked in order to feel confident that you can overcome any fleeting thought.

Realize thoughts are just thoughts, you can change them as you wish.

It’s my pleasure to guide you through this process.

Love & Blessings

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