How do we rise up again from a tragedy occurring in life? How can we go on living?

All throughout life we go through various experiences shaping, adding color and depth to the person we become. There are situations people go through, that end up leaving them terribly scarred; Some don’t possess the strength and fortitude in order to put the pieces together again.

One of the worst things that can happen to a human being, God forbid, is having to deal with a loss of a child. It seems so unbearable and unnatural.

I would like to share a true story inspired by what I recently experienced during my last visit abroad.

I knew I was about to have a fun, interesting evening with my friend, but nothing could’ve prepared me for what happened next.

We were out on the street waiting for a taxi to arrive, suddenly, we heard festive music from across the road.

It was in fact our taxi driver honking at us. The taxi was lit up like a Christmas tree. A big smile came upon our faces as we crossed the street.

As I opened the taxi door and sat down, I couldn’t stop grinning. I felt overwhelmed, completely immersed by this unexpected wave of positive energy.

I sensed the warmth spreading throughout my whole body. The music, the lights outside and inside the taxi, the driver’s smiling face welcoming and greeting us warmly, all together created this magical feeling.

It took me a minute to take it all in. I noticed the driver’s name plate and said; “Wow Moshe!! I think you’re amazing!!
You’re doing such a wonderful thing!!”

The driver looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face and said, “Why?”

“How can anyone remain oblivious?! You are making people happy!! You are spreading positive energy, pure goodness to your passengers and to the world!”, I answered enthusiastically.

“Thank you. l’ll share something, with your permission.” Moshe said quietly.

“Of course”, I said!

He followed with, “It may come as a surprise to you, but less than a year ago, I buried my 26 year old daughter.”

The big smile on my face turned into a painful twisting in my heart.

“My daughter was involved in a terrible car accident. For reasons that have yet to be revealed, God took her away from us.” Moshe continued in a heavy voice.

“My family went through hell, my wife lost her will to live. I can’t even begin to describe to you … ”

“About four months ago, I woke up. I mean literally woke up! After I saw myself derailing and spiraling out of control.”

“I decided that I cannot continue living life this way. I had to change for myself and for the sake of my family. I knew in my heart, my beloved daughter wouldn’t wish for me to grieve endlessly but to the contrary, celebrate her beautiful life, by keeping her memory alive in a healthy way.”

“That day I went to the store determined to turn my taxi into a joyful experience for my customers. A little voice inside told me it would somehow ease my pain and suffering.”

“Everyday I make a conscious choice; Instead of thinking about and fueling my own pain and misery, I invest my efforts into doing good, putting smiles on people’s faces. I enjoy it, as it makes me feel good!”

“Don’t get me wrong, it is still a daily struggle. My daughter was the apple of my eye.”

“I pray for God to give us the strength to move forward and I thank him everyday for my wife and family. I no longer question anything. I realize I don’t know everything, none of us do.”

“I gain strength by recharging myself daily, by giving love and care to my family, the people around me, as well as my passengers. I don’t worry about the future, I just take care of today.”
This experience touched my heart very deeply. It shows the true nature of the human spirit. It cannot be broken.

I believe anyone can learn from this story, even if it only serves as a point of reference or an additional perspective on life.

Love & Blessings

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