Challenge Yourself to Take the Initiative. Your Life Depends on It.


Challenge Yourself to Take the Initiative. Your Life Depends on It.

Challenge Yourself to Take the Initiative. Your Life Depends on It.

What steps can you take to create a happier life?

We have a choice to take responsibility for our happiness and influence those around us with positive energy.

There are those who make the world a better place and because they make a difference, the world still exists.
“LAMED VAV ZADDIKIM (Heb. ל״ו צַדִּיקִים, “36 righteous men”), the minimal number of anonymous righteous men living in the world in every generation. They are privileged to see the Divine Presence, and the world exists on their merit.”

God is behind everything. However, we can’t just rely on God’s grace to “make things better” for us.

We must make a conscious effort to change, take action and transcend beyond life’s trials and tribulation. God created us and everything else, with the intent to share His goodness and love. We were gifted with the same ability; to create. What we do with this gift is entirely up to us.

We can wake up to a chaotic world (hell) or to a world of beauty and grace (heaven), it’s our choice.
Deuteronomy 30:19
“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”

If you are able to transform and transcend the “curse”, it will become a blessing. It is a matter of awareness. (One’s level of awareness).

We “awaken” once we recognize that our inner energy affects every aspect of our lives.. We realize that if we do not invest in being happy and content, it will have a direct affect on our lives accordingly.

Isn’t it better to be happy? Isn’t it a sham to waste our lives on mediocrity? Why be average when you are meant for so much more?

If you are putting your happiness on hold, until everything is good, you will be waiting endlessly.

If you feel that your life does not produce happiness, it’s because something is not working properly; perhaps you are investing your energy in the wrong place.

What if you see yourself as a business whose biggest profit is drawn from feelings of pleasure and joy?

How will this mindset change your thinking and behavior?

Will it allow you to rise above the “curses” and turn them into blessings?

Below are some tips to help you elevate to a higher standard of living:

* Take responsibility for your life.

* Be open to learn from and make the best out of each experience and encounter.

* Know your core values and act according to what you believe is right.

* Invest your energy in doing everything with joy and purity of heart.

* Project positive energy.

* Be grateful for everything.

* Show kindness and graciousness even when under duress.

* Realize that even though you can’t see it, the whole world is joining forces to support you in every way.

* Offer your very best and let God do the rest.

If you’d like to explore this area in greater depth, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Much love

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