Long ago a righteous man, went to his rabbi seeking advice on how to rid himself of the constant bothersome thoughts he’d been having.

Unfortunately the rabbi could not help, but suggested he see a different rabbi, who lives in a distant city.

As time passed, he couldn’t bear his affliction any longer, so the righteous man decided to take his rabbi’s advice, in a quest to lessen his burden.

After a long cumbersome journey, in freezing temperatures, the man finally arrived at the door step of the rabbi who he believed had the key to his salvation.

He could see through the window some folks around a table, enjoying a delicious, hot soup.

The righteous man was hungry, shivering and wet to the bone.

He knocked at the door, but no one answered.

He knocked again – no answer.

He knocked several more times, until he finally gave up, curled into a ball and went to sleep at the doorstep.

A few minutes passed and suddenly the door opened by an elderly man.

The righteous man jumped up and said: why didn’t you open the door to your house when I knocked?

The frail old man said, this is to show you that when you are the master of your kingdom/home/body/soul, YOU decide who enters your home and who stays out.

You came to me because you cannot seem to get rid of your “bothersome thoughts”, yes?

Yes. The man answered.

Well, it’s very simple, although I heard you knocking, I still chose not to answer the door. Similarly, you also do not have to allow any thoughts that don’t bring you some kind of benefit to enter your mind, fester and cause nothing but havoc.

Likewise, we decide who we welcome into our domain: we choose our thoughts.

We have the ability, like no other animal on this earth, to imagine the feelings we wish to have, bringing them to life – that’s our job as creators.

A creator is someone who takes responsibility for his inner world – he is driven by his desire to resolve his internal conflict between good and evil.

Much love

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