There is a reason for pain. It’s critical to realize that when we experience pain, it is a direct result of the reason. Our perception of the world determines the meaning we attach to hardship and how we relate to it.

Pain teaches us valuable lessons that build and shape our character. The advantage is using the opportunity to develop courage and resourcefulness.

When we experience pain, it can affect us negatively or positively. It depends on the level of our understanding.

Sometimes pain makes us feel a sense of self-righteousness which can cause anger. Even when anger is justified it rarely serves any purpose.

To the contrary, if we allow anger to consume our thoughts, it will eat us up alive. Instead of permitting pain to control our mind, it is healthier to transform it into a life lesson. This shift in thought process will have a positive affect on us, as well as those around us.

If we internalize the lesson that pain teaches us, we can turn our worst situation into our greatest asset. This enables us to realize that pain presents itself as an opportunity for growth.
Here are some tips
to implement this process:

Acknowledge how you feel, then release the negativity that prevents you from feelings that bring out the best in you.

You can’t get rid of pain by exercising vengeance or that would be contributing to what was done to you. Instead, look for a way to overcome hurt in order to gain a greater perspective.

By finding an empowering meaning behind pain, it will enable you to understand the lesson it teaches in order to inspire others to follow your example.

Connect to goodness, love and unity in order to discover the purpose of pain.

Much love

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