What makes us human is our speech-language ability and abstract thinking.

Once we open our mouth to speak, the “wheels are set in motion;” We begin creating our reality. Things go from theory to practice.

Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it. Therefore, life is not tied to logic, it depends on speech.

In order to reach favorable results, the first thing we must be mindful of, is our thoughts and speech.

What we say and how we speak, determine everything.

Words have the power of self-fulfilling prophecy – if we think and speak in a certain way, inevitably that is what we will become.

Be honest, what type of dialogue do you have with yourself?

If your life is good or bad, what does it depend on? It solely depends upon the way in which you choose to perceive it; The story you tell yourself.

Are you empowering or discouraging yourself?

If you’re telling a story, at least make sure you tell yourself a good one. The better the story, the better your life will be.

Do you see the good and positive or do you tend to focus on what’s wrong with yourself and the world around you?

Do yourself a favor; Unsubscribe from those narratives you’ve been telling yourself.

If you are tired of the current chapter, you can begin a new one starting NOW!

Much love

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