The Missing GAP To A Healthy Relationship


The Missing GAP To A Healthy Relationship

The Missing GAP To A Healthy Relationship

A key ingredient to maintaining a healthy and loving relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. We need to be clear on what we hope to achieve out of the relationship, as well as have the ability to communicate it to each other. This is because communication styles have been observed as predictors of healthy relationships.

The challenge becomes significant in a manner that, once an intimate bond is formed with a significant other, there is no manual that tells us, “this is what you should or shouldn’t do”, right?

Perhaps the time has come to uncover the truth, in order to have the relationship you always dreamed of.

So my question is, when was the last time you took a good look at your intimate partnership? Do you find yourself complaining about what your partner is not doing or saying; or are you actively looking at what you can do in order to improve things?

Can you clearly identify what is causing friction in your relationship?

Do you regularly express how you feel, or do you leave it unexpressed?

One of the causes for failed relationships is the inability to meet expectations.

The solution is… if you want to feel connected and have more loving moments with your significant other, you must be willing to take positive action to achieve what you most desired.
In order to have a successful partnership, it is of utmost importance to be aware of one’s expectations, and have them clearly stated on both sides. Make sure you have a wider look.

The following are some of the parameters to consider:

Do your best to simplify the agreement and list all expectation processes by breaking it down to specific needs, wants and desires.
A written agreement may be an effective tool to achieve success in relationships.

• What does he expect from me and what do I expect from him?

• How much time and attention are you willing to compromise and sacrifice for the common goal?

• How many hours a day do I expect him to be thinking of me? How much is reasonable and how much is unrealistic?

• What does the other person accept or reject?

• What are you willing to give and receive?

This will alleviate a lot of friction and arguments. We express our feelings and communicate more instead of staying resentful because our needs are not being met.

The next step is to identify any emotional or behavioral patterns to discern the best antidote in order to interrupt them.

When you become aware of a pattern, it will enable you to have more self-control in any relationship.

Make this a practice, change will disrupt any pattern.

The Importance of Adapting

We don’t like change, we resist it. It feels uncomfortable, because change is associated with fear and taking a risk, but it is necessary for growth and positive results.

We want to be safe, so we make a predetermined choice not wanting to change.

We must do exactly what we resist.

Consequential Thought

This is what will be possible in your life:

Any pattern disruption will increase flow in your life.

Structuring and honoring your agreements could cause a paradigm shift.

Once you open the line of communication and create a dialogue, feelings can be expressed more easily.

It’s a valuable key to creating more harmonious and loving relationships.

Give yourself credit for every step you take – take small steps. Every small movement makes a big change.
Make an agreement to trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice more closely.

Much love

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