Does the truth always have to be told??

While walking towards Starbucks this morning, I noticed some of my friends sitting around a table outside the cafe. I always enjoy running into people that I know.

We greeted each other and began chatting as usual. The conversation flowed pleasantly until one of the girls whom I have not seen in a long time, looked at me and said; “What happened to you? You’ve lost so much weight! You used to be very beautiful!”

I felt the discomfort of my other two friends as they were quick to respond; “Why, she was always skinny! She is always beautiful!”

I smiled and answered; “So, you think I’m not beautiful anymore?? ”
My friend laid her hand on her heart and said; “Don’t be mad at me. I’m just telling you the truth. You know me …”

I looked at her and said with a smile; “I’m not angry at all, it’s all good! How are you? I have not seen you in ages!”

To my great joy, I was not angry or offended. I just smiled to myself.

This incident reminded me of a wonderful lecture I listened to recently, which raised the issue as to whether or not the truth has to be told.

I learned that in order to tell the truth, I need to love the person, know that he loves me and consider carefully whether there is a benefit in what I’m about to say. I must also take into account the right place and the right time, whether it’s my place to tell and if so how should I.

In other cases, when we exchange information with others, we need to be sure and check the veracity of things before we inadvertently emit words into the air.

I opened the car door, settled down and looked at the sky in gratitude; I realized that because of this encounter and the immediate connection I made to the lecture I heard, I did not take this incident personally. To the contrary, I realized this is an important message that I need to pass on.

How much pain and suffering we can save ourselves and others if only we invest a little thought before we open our mouths to speak …

I wish we could always remember to come from a place of love; What comes from the heart enters the heart.

And what do you say, do we always have to tell the truth?
Is there one truth or is the truth a subjective matter?

I welcome your feedback.
With love


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